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Q1. I am new, where do I start?

A1. Look at the largest numbers or groups of numbers and use the logic count method in the How To Play section to reveal at least some of the squares.  Even one shaded square will lead to others.  If there is a clue of “0” then go ahead and shade that whole row or column with the background color, those are basically free ones that take zero figuring out (no pun intended).

Q2. I am stuck, now what should I do?

A2. Start at one edge of grid, visually scan every column for more possibilities and then do the same for rows.  You will most likely discover more squares to shade in, or more squares to basically eliminate with 2nd color.  Sometimes you need to be very methodical.

Q3. Where are the solutions to the puzzles?

A3. The solutions are displayed on the second page of each puzzle pdf, and if you are referring to one of the books, well the solutions are at the back.

Q4. Is peeking at the solution cheating?

A4. Not at all, in fact it is an excellent learning tool and will help you get past a tough spot, so that you may continue solving the rest of the mystery image.

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