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I love every kind of puzzle, be it jigsaws, crosswords, riddles, Sudoku… but most recently, Pic-a-Pix Puzzles. I was very intrigued at first, and then I was hooked!   Books of them seemed rare when I first discovered them back in 2011, so I would “feed-my-need” by creating my own.  This turned out to be so much fun, and before I knew it, I had hand-designed and created enough to start publishing books!  Please share the news – Picapix puzzles are great fun and are here for all puzzlers looking for a new challenge.  Recently they have been featured in the Brainteaser section of Canadian Reader’s Digest magazine.  Follow my page on Facebook or my Instagram account LearnPicapix.  If that’s not enough, one of these  books will provide over 100 puzzles for your personal pleasure!

A little Pic-a-Pix history:

In 1987 the concept of Pic-a-Pix was born when at about the same time, two Japanese fellows came up with a similar idea, and shortly thereafter the puzzles started to find their way into magazines and newspapers. Following this and in other regions of the globe, the trend continues and has been gaining popularity ever since. They have been given various names, including O’Ekaki Logic, Griddlers, Nonogram, Hanjie, and Paint by Number. Remember how Sudoku had it’s early beginnings, well Pic-a-Pix is following the same path. So look out world – it’s coming on strong!


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