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Alzheimer Society of Calgary

 Considering Brain Health…

Before I published my book I dreamt of one day having a best seller.  Who doesn’t?  I know it’s only a puzzle book, but you just never know.  Seems anything is possible these days.  One thing I did know for sure was that I really wanted to give back.  It had to be part of my plan no matter what happened. 

I made a long-standing comittment to make a donation of $1.00 per sale of every one of my puzzle books “Pic-a-Pix the Latest Puzzling Fix”.  The recipient is the Alzheimer Society of Calgary.   My own father is affected by a form of dementia, so this is close to home for me.

Personal Introduction

 Pic-a-pix puzzle creator…

My name is Diane Baher and I live in a wonderful town in Western Canada.  Puzzles have always been part of who I am, so about  3 years ago when I tired of the usual ones, I searched out something new.  It was a logic puzzle where number clues eventuated into a picture of something.  Nobody I knew had even heard of them, but somehow I stumbled across them and I was drawn towards them.

I started with a kid’s book using colors for clues and then moved on to the ones with number clues.  After completing several books of Hanjie puzzles, at least that was what I was calling them then, I started to make my own.  “Mom and her Hanjies!” that’s what my family would say when they saw me doing them.

Eventually I decided it was time to publish a book late last year and called it Pic-a-Pix the Latest Puzzling Fix.

For some reason there are numerous names given to this type of puzzle – hanjie, pic-a-pix, griddler, nonogram, paint-by-number…  They are the most enjoyable puzzle I know of and my addiction to them has been an amazing journey.

My website was set up for the sole purpose of helping others to learn how to do them, as well as promote my book.  I hope that I have shared enough information to get beginners on their way to mastering these puzzles.  I love to hear from someone who has purchased my book and is stuck on a puzzle, because it gives me the opportunity to guide them on with the next logical step they can take to finish solving it.  I encourage others to contact me if they need assistance as well.  This blog is going to enable me to communicate on a closer level with my puzzle fans and maybe even reach out to new ones.  Please feel free to leave comments so that I may interact with your needs.